Have you ever thought about how gendered your daily life and language is? From choosing shower gel to greeting customers our lives are crammed full of binary gender and it can make those of us who identify outside of this binary extremely uncomfortable. Here are some ideas of how you can de-gender your language!

When greeting groups/customers:

  • Hey folks!
  • Hi everyone!
  • Hello there!
  • Can you help our lovely customer please?
  • Our client needs “x” can you help?

For a group of people you know better:

  • Hey cats!
  • Hi team

In paper work 

  • You can often just eliminate any pronouns all together, by simply changing from third to second person you can eliminate gender for example:
    The client is responsible for his / her ….
    You, the client, are responsible for your own….
  • You can use a different pronoun such as: the student, child, customer, attendant….